Focus on YOUR Zone of Genius

Producing for your online brand is a lot of work and it can be time consuming when trying to do it all your self. This is the perfect design package for you to hand the content creation over to us so you can focus on your zone of genius!

Starting @ $999/month


  • An initial 120-min comprehensive session to develop a comprehensive content strategy with detailed audience analysis, competitive research, and 6 month planning for your brand.
  • Custom Content Calendar & Editorial Plan: A detailed monthly content calendar outlining up to 5 topics, keywords, and optimized posting. The editorial plan will outline content themes, formats, and metric analysis.
  • Premium Content Creation: Creation of 30 pieces of premium content per month, including infographics, and professionally produced videos.15 still posts and 15 short videos with 7 posts scheduled for each week is ideal.
  • Client will provide the short & long form video clips - No longer than 10 minutes each.
  • Advanced Editing & SEO Optimization: Comprehensive editing for clarity, style, and SEO optimization on your content for structure and tone to make sure content aligns with your brand. (Photo, video, graphics)
  • Influencer Outreach: Collaboration with influencers and industry experts to amplify reach and engagement.
  • Social Media Management & Community Engagement: Full social media management across 5 relevant platforms, including content creation, posting, engagement, and community management.
  • Monthly Strategy Review: Monthly strategy review meetings to evaluate performance, adjust tactics, and refine content strategy based on emerging trends and audience feedback.
  • Monthly Performance Report: An overview of engagement metrics (e.g., website traffic, social media reach) for the content produced.